Pills counted,

with just a click

Transform your work place with Pilleye

a fast and accurate pill counting app.

Transform your work place with Pilleye

a fast and accurate pill counting app.

pill counting phone image
pill counting phone imagepill counting image
Trusted by over 350K users worldwide
Countries are
represented by users
Total hours saved
for users

Anytime, Everywhere

Count up to
1,000 pills at once
Spread the pills evenly and take
a picture
max 1000 pills counting available
99.999% accuracy
99.999% Accuracy

Each of the green dots represent how

accurately Pilleye counted the pills.

Double check the counts immediately!

all types of pill
Pilleye detects all types of pills, from half
to translucent
max 1000 pills counting available

Focus on

what you think is meaningful

Reducing workload, and

getting away from pressures

With this app, I can actually be certain of

how many pills there are so I don’t have

to check an extra 5 times. It’s so much

more efficient and takes the guesswork

out of counting meds.

Ha••••, Pharmacist

Very Reliable. Double check the

counting with green dots

This counts my pills perfectly every single

time. It also helps that the green dots

show exactly how many pills Pilleye

counted. Now, I can use my extra time to

help my patients!

Sta••••, Pharmacist

Absolute game changer

for pharmacy

No lie, if I had to pick only one app to ever

use again, it would be this one. I can’t

overstate how much time and effort this

has saved me in my pharmacy, especially

doing inventory.

Tea••••, Pharmacy Technician

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